WORKS OFFICE is a full service Architecture Practice licensed in Ontario, New York State, and the State of Utah (inactive). The Office is a partner with the Client from initial conception through Final Completion.

Architecture has the capacity to exist at any scale: a single family house, an apartment, a municipal building, a development, a shed, or a piece of furniture. The complexity and logistics vary, but the principles behind the work are the same. No matter the size or scope, the Office is diligent in its role as an asset to the Client. And while the Works themselves are titled anonymously, behind each lies a myriad of very specific relationships and commitment to the people for whom we make Architecture.

The objectives of WORKS OFFICE are to seek out the potential that’s latent in each place, and in each client. That potential is in all cases premised on the search for what is perhaps verbally undefined, but no less real, and no less valuable, which is the search for the sublime. Our efforts begin when a place is only an idea, and they end when that idea is inhabited. To that end, the Office is committed to fostering relationships, not only with the Client, but with General Contractors and trades that work towards the commonly held objectives to construct the Architecture that was conceived. The in-between is a process that’s rife with decision making, and with momentum. Maintaining a critical eye on that process, both for and with a Client, is in the fabric of our intentions.

With an interest in having our work built anywhere, we currently reach from Toronto and New York to Thunder Bay, San Diego, and Costa Rica.
The Office may be in Toronto, but the Work is where the Work is.

For any questions, please email, or use this form, which will send a message directly to Brian O’Brian.


Brian was born in Montana, raised in the Midwest of the U.S., educated on the East Coast, and established in Toronto. Brian is highly interested in Place, and its meaning in Architecture. He was first employed with Slemmons Associates Architects in Topeka, Kansas when he started High School in 1991. There, he was introduced to the daily activities of an Architecture office. Among his early tasks, he labelled ink-on-Mylar drawings with the use of a now-archaic tool, the K&E Leroy. Brian’s interest in Architecture led him to University at the New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT. On graduating in 2000, he fulfilled apprenticeship working requirements with multiple offices in New York City, and proceeded to take the Architect Registration Examinations. He co-founded Omas Workshop in 2001, a moonlighting practice that gave first opportunities for built work. On receiving a Licence to practice Architecture by the State of New York in 2005, he went on to co-found O’Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio in New York City. Over the course of 17 years, the practice operated in varying iterations - from Omas Workshop to OMAS:WORKS, with the expansion to Toronto with Brian’s relocation in 2010.

As of 2019, Brian continues his dedication to the Work, and to the clients who make that work happen, with his renamed practice, WORKS OFFICE of Brian O’Brian Architect.

  • Licensed Architect with the Ontario Association of Architects

  • Licensed Architect in the State of New York

  • Licensed Architect in the State of Utah (inactive)

  • Member of the American Association of Architects

  • Member of, and certified by, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the Canadian Architectural Certification Board

  • Sessional Lecturer, instructing Second Year Undergraduate Students, at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto

The Office is located in the former Coleman Lamp Company building on the East side of the Don Valley at Queen Street East. Brian O’Brian has employed and contracted numerous talented people, and continues to seek individuals with a keen interest in striving towards that sublime in Architecture. Among those who have been part of the Work thus far:

Suhaib Arnaout
Solomé Baczynski
Didier Beaudoin
Matthew Blunderfield
Chansoo Byeon
Andrew Choptiany
Serafima Korovina
Jade Kwong
Claire Lubell
Parastoo Najafi
Sam Shahsavani
Ilya Skok
Gillian Tyrrell
Hamza Vora