WORKS OFFICE of Brian O’Brian Architect is located at Queen Street East and Davies Avenue, the on-ramp to the DVP North.
Directions to the Office can be found HERE.

The Office has working relationships with numerous Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, and Trades. It is of critical importance that the assembly of the group of people executing any particular Work be thoughtful, and be appropriate to the job.

Brian O’Brian has a history of employing highly attentive staff who contribute to the success of the Work.
Those who have been part of these efforts, whether as employee or by independent contract:

  • Suhaib Arnaout

  • Salome Baczynksi

  • Didier Beaudoin

  • Matthew Blunderfield

  • Chansoo Byeon

  • Serafima Korovina

  • Jade Kwong

  • Claire Lubell

  • Parastoo Najafi

  • Sam Shahsavani

  • Ilya Skok

  • Gillian Tyrrell

  • Hamza Vora


Brian was born and raised in the West and Midwest of the United States, beginning his work with Slemmons Associates Architects and Murray & Sons Construction, both in Topeka, Kansas.
He attended the New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT in Newark, NJ, graduating with multiple awards.
On graduating in 2000, he fulfilled his apprenticeship requirements working with numerous offices in New York City prior to taking the Architect Registration Examinations.
He co-founded Omas Workshop in 2001, a practice that gave first opportunities for built work. On receiving a Licence to practice Architecture by the State of New York in 2005, he went on to co-found O’Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio in New York City.
Over the course of 17 years, the practice operated in varying iterations, from Omas Workshop to OMAS:WORKS, expanding to Toronto with Brian’s relocation in 2010.
In 2017, Brian became a dual Citizen of Canada and the United States.
Brian continues his dedication to the Work, and to the clients who make that work happen, with his renamed practice, WORKS OFFICE of Brian O’Brian Architect.

  • Licensed Architect with the Ontario Association of Architects

  • Licensed Architect in the State of New York

  • Licensed Architect in the State of Utah (inactive)

  • Member of the American Institute of Architects

  • Member of the Toronto Society of Architects

  • Member of, and certified by, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the Canadian Architectural Certification Board

  • Sessional Lecturer, instructing Second Year Undergraduate Students, at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto